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Why does my screen stay blank on all sides when I connect it to my PC using an HDMI or DP cable?

The blank screen issue is caused by the PC or graphics card, not by the product. To solve this issue, adjust the screen size in the HDMI or DP settings of your graphics card. If there is no option to adjust the screen size in the graphics card settings menu, please update the graphics card driver to the latest version. For more detailed information on how to adjust the screen settings, please contact the graphics card or PC manufacturer.

How can I mount the monitor on the wall or attach a different stand?

If you want to hang the monitor on the wall or replace it with another stand you need to prepare two things:

[1] A stand that supports 100x100mm VESA mounting and is suitable for monitors of various sizes and weights.

[2] The attached wall mount adapter kit.

Why is my screen not displaying images and the power light blinking every 0.5 to 1 second?

If you experience intermittent playback of large HD video files, this may be because the video player is not optimized for PC resources. Please try to use another video player to play the file.

Why is my screen blurry or not clear?

Remove all accessories (video extension cables, etc.) and try again. Set the resolution and frequency to the recommended levels.

What should I do if there are shadows, ghosting, or if the picture seems unstable and shaky?

[1] Check if the resolution and frequency of the PC match the compatible resolution and frequency requirements of the product.

[2] Refresh rate mismatch

[3] FreeSync and G-Sync conflict

How can I activate HDR mode for gaming?

HDR is turned off for daily use and turned on when playing games if three conditions are met.

[1] HDR is turned on in Windows.

[2] HDR is turned on in the OSD menu of the monitor.

[3] The game must support HDR and enable it within the game.

Only when the three conditions are met is HDR mode. The shortcut key Win+Alt+B is used to quickly turn on HDR in Windows.

What is the refresh rate?

Refresh rate refers to the number of times the electron beam repeats the scanning of the image on the screen, measured in Hz (Hertz). The higher the refresh rate, the more times the scanning is repeated, and more images are output per second. This leads to better stability and smoothness of the displayed screen, creating a more fluid viewing experience.

What should I do if the monitor doesn't show a screen or shows "no signal" after I connect it to my device?

If you encounter this situation, you can follow the steps below to eliminate the problem.

[1] Check if the monitor is adjusted to the correct signal source.

[2] Check whether the computer resolution and refresh rate exceed the limits supported by the cable and monitor assortment. If they do, they need to be reduced; otherwise, the display may not function properly.

[3] If it is a desktop computer with a dual-screen setup, you need to check whether it is connected to both the integrated display and a unique display. Generally, it does not support output to both the integrated display and unique display simultaneously. (If you are using a laptop , skip this step.)

[4] For laptops or desktop computers with a monitor, you can adjust the resolution of the computer to check if it recognizes an external monitor. If it does, you can adjust the resolution and refresh rate of the external monitor accordingly.

[5] Check if it is used with other converters or docking stations. If so, we recommend using our cable to connect directly to the device and test if the display is normal.

[6] Devices are not compatible with each other; you can replace other devices for testing.

What are RTS/RPG and MOBA modes, and how do they work?

RTS/RPG and MOBA modes are different types of gameplay modes in video games. RTS/RPG stands for Real-Time Strategy/Role-Playing Game. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

In RTS/RPG mode, the brightness of the mid-gray on the screen is enhanced to help players quickly spot map changes.

In FPS mode, the brightness of the mid-gray and below is boosted to aid players in detecting enemies hiding in the dark.

MOBA mode increases the overall contrast of the screen to enhance immersion in the game environment.

How can I fix the monitor if the colors look over-saturated?

The native color gamut can cover most of the colors in sRGB, P3, and AdobeRGB. It also can switch the color gamut and provide the color gamut limitation function of sRGB, P3, and AdobeRGB. If you find the screen color too bright and saturated, you can switch to sRGB mode for Windows or P3 mode for macOS to get a better office experience.

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